Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 10am – 7:30pm
Sat 10am – 6pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Address & Phone Number

8622 N Boardwalk Ave
Kansas City MO 64154



1. Nail Services

We do not use products containing MMA    

Acrylic NailsNew Set..$35 Fill..$22

Provides length, strength, and durability.
Non-brittle glass-finish, strong, and durable.

Pink & White AcrylicsNew..$55 Backfill..$43 Pink Fill..$27
Ombre..$60 Backfill..$50 Pink Fill..$27

White acrylics at the nail tips and pink acrylics at the nail beds to create a natural-looking 'French Manicure'. Strong and sturdy, non-yellowing. Prices includes gel top coat.

Liquid Gel ExtensionsNew set..$55 Fill..$30

Thin layers of liquid gel applied to your nails and cured under a UV lamp, creating a permanent shiny finish. Lightweight, natural-looking, and thin.

Gel PolishShape, buff and gel polish on hands ...... $25
Add gel polish with any manicure ....$15
Shape, buff and gel polish on Toes ...$30
Add gel polish with any pedicure ...$20

Involves no drilling and is non-abrasive to natural nails. This hybrid polish goes on like nail lacquer, and cured under an LED or UV lamp to dry instantly, Last between 2-3 weeks without chipping. Soaks off in minutes. Provides strength to natural nails and helps them grow. Over 700 colors of gel polish to choose from!

Dip Powder SystemNew Set.....$40
Pink & White.....$50
Ombre Pink & White.....$60

Your natural nails or tips if needed, are dipped into a colored powder after proper preparation. Stronger than gel polish, no UV lamps, last between 2-5 weeks, minimum drilling, no chipping, no polish, very durable, comfortable and lightweight feeling, Soaks off in 10 minutes. Shiny gel like finish that dries completely in 3 minutes. Includes dry or wet cuticle grooming. Over 120 colors to choose from.

EXTRASMultiple Prices

Buff & Polish
-- Hands..........$10
-- Feet..........$12
Colored Acrylics ………+$5
French/American/Colored tips..... +$5
Nail Designs/Art..........$3+
Gel Top Coat for Artificial Nails ..........$3
Artificial nail removal..........$15
Nail repair..........$3+
Paraffin Wax, Exfoliants, Mask..........$7
Soak and Cuticle trim..........$7
Longer Length Artificial nails..........$5
Special shaped nails..........$5

2. Manicures

Basic Manicure$20

Relax in a warm, sanitizing hand soak. Nails and cuticles are groomed, arms and hands massaged, includes a hot steamed towel, and nails polished.

The Lounge Manicure$25

Start off with a warm hand soak and basic nail and cuticle grooming. Arms and hands are exfoliated with a sugar scrub and wrapped with a mask. Lastly, enjoy a massage and then finished off with a hot steamed towel.

The Hot Oil Manicure$30

For very dry hands. Basic manicure grooming, and exfoliation. Relax in a hot oil hand bath while enjoying a hot oil arm and hand massage. Includes a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dip.

The Hot Stone Manicure$35

Experience the luxurious aromas and feeling of this special heated stone massage manicure. The ultimate relaxation aroma of lavender oils and heated stones are incorporated into the massage to bring penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to the muscle tissue. This manicure includes all the basic nail and cuticle grooming, exfoliation, mask wrap, paraffin dip, hot towel therapy, and then a hot stone massage.

3. Pedicures

The Spa Pedicure$30

Relax in a tranquil foot soak which includes a sanitizing soak tablet or salt. Basic nails and cuticle grooming will be first. Then heels and calluses are smoothed and removed properly using a callus remover gel. Legs and feet are massaged next, and includes a hot steam towel wrap. All pedicures includes polish of your choice.

The Lounge Pedicure$33

Sit back and relax with our house Lounge pedicure. Its a basic pedicure, plus an exfoliating gel scrubs using eucalyptus mint scents, followed by a mint cooling gel treatment, which is then removed with a hot steamy towel. Feel the circulation as the hot and cold therapy leaves your skin feeling tingly and refreshing.

The Rose Petals Pedicure$37

A rose fragrant foot bath with rose petals that turns your foot bath into sanitizing bubbles will put a smile on your face. After the basic pedicure grooming, your legs and feet are exfoliated with a rose scented gel scrub. A rose mask wrap, hot towel wrap, and a rose aromatherapy massage follows. A hot steam towel therapy completes your experience.

The Citrus & Herb Pedicure$43

Revitalize with this premium line of Citrus & Herb scents that will linger in the salon. Soak your hardworking feet in a chloramine-t sanitizing tablet. After basic nail and cuticle grooming, experience a premium Citrus & Herb scented natural sea salt glo exfoliant followed by a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. Next are a hot towel treatment and an intense hydrating body butter leg and foot massage. The experience ends with a paraffin wax therapy for the feet to relieve pain and stiffness.

The Milk & Honey Pedicure$47

Dried feet and legs? Try this popular Milk foot bath soak. Includes basic pedicure grooming, and smoothing of the callus and heels. Enjoy a honey and sugar scrub exfoliation of the legs and foot, followed by a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. A hot towel treatment removes the silky wrap then relax with an intense hydrating time-release body butter massage for the legs and foot. Lastly, enjoy a beneficial heat therapy of a paraffin wax dip for your hard working feet and leaving your skin softened and more radiant.

The Green Tea Pedicure$53

Relax in a purifying green tea soak and let the botanical extracts soothe and soften your hard working feet. This Green Tea foot soak uses antioxidant tea to help protect and repair skin. This pedicure starts with basic grooming, and then a soft sugar scrub formulated with natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and seal away cracks. Next is the green tea infused mask wrap for a ultra hydrating seal of shea butter to help revitalize and soften skin. Then enjoy the spa feeling of a massage using a green tea lightweight cream full of vitamins and emollients, without the greasy feel. Lastly, relax with a paraffin wax dip to help relieve pain and stiffness while absorbing all the benefits that green tea has to offer.

The Hot Stone Pedicure$62

Experience the ultimate relaxational pedicure and feeling of this special heated stone massage. The calming relaxation aroma of lavender oils and heated stones are incorporated into the massage to bring penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to the muscle tissue. This pedicure includes all the basic grooming, includes callus elimination, a natural sea salt exfoliation of legs and feet, deep dermal wrap, paraffin wax dip, hot towel therapy, and then a pressure point hot stone massage which helps generate heat into your most tired muscles of the body. The warmth of the detoxifying stones releases the cramps in knotted muscles and also helps release toxins from your muscles. This hot stone pedicure at the end of the day is one of the best stress-busters and has many benefits for your mental health!